Basic Guinea Pig Training

Is your Guinea Pig Running Away From You When You Reach For It In It's Cage?

Try this. If she is running from you in her cage, get her out and set her on a table top that has nothing else on it. Offer he a bite of a carrot. As she is chewing on the carrot, move to the other side of the table, hold the carrot down on her level and call her. When she comes, give her a bite and again, as she chews the carrot, move to the other side. Do this five moves a day for the next three days. When she is coming right to you as you move, you should then move from the side of the table to the end of the table and do the same. She will lean a lot from this. She will learn not to be afraid of you, to come when called, she will learn that she really does like you and your treats, AND she will learn to learn. Learning to learn is the first step in trick or agility training. The bond begins.


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