Guinea Pig Shows

Grooming and taking your Guinea Pig to a Show can be a lot of fun and quite an experience. There are shows that are very serious, like with the "mother cavy club", with precise rules and standards for the breed you are showing or you can go and just have a good time at a 4H Show or an Adult Class at a County Fair where the rules are more relaxed and the competition not as tough.

There is more to showing your cavy then just a cute face, or all of your friends think it is marked (colors and the way they are on the GP) "so interesting". You need to know that the Judges are looking for more then the cute things your pet does at home. The GP will need to have correct teeth, have the correct body type, not be too "snippy" or "racy" (rat body type). There are classes, or usually are classes for each breed and those may be broken down into Boars (males) and Sows (females).

Do your homework. Read all you can read about showing your Guinea Pig. Attend a Guinea Pig Show without your Guinea Pig so that you can see and hear and learn. NEVER ASK A JUDGE A QUESTION WHILE THE HE/SHE IS JUDGING, EVEN IF HE/SHE IS JUDGING YOUR OWN GUINEA PIGS.

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-- The Guinea Pig Agility Team

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